Immigrant Mom Hopes for Pardon from Governor Hickenlooper to Fight Her Case

With a crowd of supporters behind her, Indgrid Encalada Latorre told reporters at the state capitol that she is officially asking Governor Hickenlooper for a pardon.

Encalada Latorre was arrested in 2010 on charges of using false documents.  In court defending the case, she was encouraged to accept a plea bargain rendering her immigration case nearly impossible to pursue.  Although she completed all sentencing requirements including 4 1/2 years of probation, court costs, and back taxes totaling $11,200 a district judge denied post conviction relief and denied that she had received effective counsel.

Encalada Latorre, originally of Peru came to the US in 2000 to rejoin her family and to pursue an education.  She accepted employment at a nursing home, and started a family.  Earlier this year she won a temporary stay of deportation after spending 6 months in sanctuary at Mountain View Friends Meeting.  That stay of deportation expires on September 15.

Colorado Senator Dominick Moreno (SD-22) representing Adams County spoke in support of Encalada Latorre,

“Shes the type of person we would all be proud to have in our communities  Ingrid came to the United States, and like so many other undocumented folks, she had to work.  This is the only crime that she has on her record, is needing to work to provide for her family.  To have the need to work to support your family, should never be a crime in this country.”

Representative Faith Winter (HD-35, photo left) also spoke in support of Encalada Latorre,

“Ingrid lives in my district.  She’s an incredible person.  She is dedicated to her job as a cook in a nursing home, and she’s an amazing mother.  Her eight-year old son is a model student in an international school, and she works diligently to help her younger son overcome a muscular skeletal disease.  Ingrid came to this country because of family.  She’s worked hard and given back to the community.  She made a mistake, a mistake made on bad legal advice.  But she’s been held responsible.  We should reward people for taking responsibility and not continually uphold barriers  We are a country that believes in redemption.”

Encalada Latorre became the third Coloradan to enter sanctuary in the state following Arturo Hernandez and Jeanette Vizguerra, both of whom won 2-year stays of deportation.  Shortly after entering sanctuary and Mountain View she requested Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Washington, DC to review her case, but the Trump administration announced policy changes on April 21, 2017 that prevented reviews of previous cases.

A pardon would not guarantee a longer stay of removal, it would allow her the opportunity to reopen her immigration case without a criminal conviction to stand in the way of the option.

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