Guest Opinion: US Representative Joe Neguse (Dem-District 2)


Could you get any more morally depraved?

A month ago, my letter to the Camera showed “our” Rep. Joe Neguse to be a black man who reliably votes to fund Israel’s apartheid and now genocide with our money, and the son of refugees helping Israel make millions more refugees who have nowhere to escape the bombing, starvation and disease. I have since learned that Joe’s biggest funder in 2024 is AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, which gave him $33,400. So Joe is getting back some of the billions of ours he votes to send to Israel, nearly $1 per dead Palestinian, so far.

It gets worse: Joe’s parents are from Eritrea, with one of the worst human rights records in the world, and which accounts for about 2/3 of the African refugees in Israel. Israel has shot many at protests and deported many back to Eritrea, where they face torture and death. See stories from September in the Times of Israel and the Medialine. I can find nothing showing Joe has said a peep, let alone declined AIPAC money or stopped voting to send more money to Israel, which already has the fourth-largest military in the world and hundreds of nukes.

You can bet his predecessor — Gov. Jared Polis, another AIPAC pet when he was congressman, and who has a history of personally investing in oil and war, since for him the vicious cycle of “war for oil and oil for war” is a virtuous cycle making his investments soar these days — has coached Joe to keep his eyes on the prize: the money. Could you get any more morally depraved? A country that respected the Genocide Convention, the Nuremberg Accords, etc. (plus many U.S. laws), would consider deporting Joe; certainly not considering making him Assistant Democratic Leader of the House of Representatives! He’s “your” congressman. Tell him what you think:

Evan Ravitz, Boulder

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