Election 2017: Weld County Holds on to Oversight Council

In a contentious battle over what one side was describing as “less government” and the other was citing necessary government oversight and accountability, the “no’s” have it.

Question 1A would have amended the County charter to do away with the Weld County Council, a body that oversees the Weld County Commissioners as one of its duties and has existed since 1975.  The council also has the authority to audit county offices which it did this year, including the Weld County Clerk and Recorder and the Weld County Commissioners Board.

Janet Lee Meisinger of Dacono, Colorado told The Nation Report that even Representative Ken Buck who represents the county in the US House, supports maintaining the County Council in its present state.  Meisinger added, “The whole point of the home rule charter is so representatives in the government can be closer to the people and the County Council is where they can go and bring up issues.”

The Council consists of five elected members and can review and audit any department in the county it chooses.

As of publication deadline the vote tallied:

Yes: 17,385

No: 25,786

Another measure, Question 1B was also seen as an additional measure of accountability requiring “elected officials and employees comply with ethic rules.”  The question passed 31, 347 to 11, 584 against.

Meisinger especially was focused on the County Council initiative because of the power that the group holds, “That’s part of the home rule charter that really needs to stay in place.”


Question 1A: Amend charter to eliminate Weld County Council

Yes: 17,385

No: 25,786

Question 1B: Amend charter to require elected officials and employees comply with ethics rules

Yes: 31,347

No: 11,584








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