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The following are events that community members and organizations have requested that The Nation Report publish.



February 25, Tuesday:


Live discussion on Zionism, Palestine.

The roots of Zionism run deep in Christianity and Judaism, and their impacts are felt in Palestine. In this webinar, Linda Holtzman and Amy Yoder McGloughlin will share stories about their recent trip to Palestine, and how they see Zionism impacting this occupied territory.

Rabbi Linda Holtzman
Rabbi Linda (she/her) is the organizer of Tikkun Olam Chavurah, a group that pursues social justice work together as a community. She is on the faculty of the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College and serves on the Board of Directors for Jewish Voice for Peace. She is the former rabbi of Congregation Mishkan Shalom in Philadelphia, where she served as interim rabbi and as education director. She has been rabbi of Beth Israel Congregation in Coatesville, PA, and Beth Ahava in Philadelphia. She is the founder of the Reconstructionist Hevra Kadisha, also in Philadelphia.

Rev. Amy Yoder McGloughlin
Amy (she/her) is the Pastor at Frazer Mennonite Church, located on Lenape land (Malvern, PA, USA). Since 2015, Amy has been leading multi-faith delegations to Palestine with Christian Peacemaker Teams. Amy also serves on the CPT Steering Committee as a representative for the Mennonite Church USA. Amy and Rabbi Linda Holtzman have traveled together to Palestine twice, and have also worked together to support recent immigrants in Philadelphia. Together with her partner, Charlie, Amy parents two teenagers, one grouchy cat, and one overeager puppy.


5:00 pm MT


February 29, Saturday:

Workshop and Community Gathering:

Using Nonviolent Direct Action Campaigns for Social Change and Living Planet Protection Workshop by George Lakey.

Using Non-violent Direct Action Campaigns for Social Change and Planet Protection, a workshop by George Lakey, followed by organic lunch and a community work session with presentations by local activist groups.

Registration: Sign up on line with ebrite at this link

Boulder Friends Meeting

1825 Upland,

Boulder, CO

9 am – 3 pm

March 7, Saturday:

Daily Hugz Animal Sanctuary in Palestine 

Maad Abu Ghazalah Returns to Boulder March 7 to give a presentation about Daily Hugz, a sanctuary to homeless and abused animals and a safe play environment for children in Palestine.

Maad will share stories about the rescued animals and the children who come to the sanctuary to help care for the animals.

He sells olive oil from trees on the sanctuary property to help cover the costs of caring for the animals. (some of the best olive oil you will have the good fortune to enjoy!)

Bring a vegan dish to share – we’ll enjoy a meal together and then hear from Maad about Daily Hugz. (yes this will be a vegan potluck!)

Olive oil from last year’s harvest will be available for sale for $50 per bottle.

(if you cannot attend but would like to order some olive oil – please reply to this email
and let us know how many bottles you’d like)

1543 Pearl Street

Boulder, CO

6:00 pm


March 8, Sunday:

Colorado Open Forum

The changing news media – how and where can we find the truth?

The news media are more concentrated now than ever. In 1984, fifty independent media companies owned the majority of media interests in the United States.  As of 2019, over 90% of the U.S. media is controlled by four or five major media companies: Comcast (via NBC-Universal), Disney, Viacom-CBS (controlled by National Amusements), and AT&T (via WarnerMedia); and Fox News.  Facebook, Google, YouTube, and Twitter engage in various forms of censorship.  This program will provide you with the big picture, who you can or can’t trust on what subjects, and links and websites where you can obtain more reliable information.  Presenters will include Fran Shure and Sonia Skakich-Scrima among others, and topics will include national news, international affairs, war and peace, threats to democracy, health, environment, economics, education, fair elections, and other vital subjects. What media have you found unreliable or reliable?  Please come and learn and share with us what you have learned.

Koelbel Library (Arapahoe  Libraries) – Forum Room

5955 S. Holly St.

Centennial, CO 80121

located SW corner of S. Holly and Orchard Rd., enter off E. Orchard or S. Holly – convenient parking available.

12:30 pm

March 11, Wednesday:

ACLU People Not Cages Lobby Day

Over the last three years, ACLU of Colorado’s Lobby Day has helped overhaul the broken Department of Youth Services, ensured the reauthorization of the Colorado Civil Rights Division, passed Real Sex Ed so that all students can receive comprehensive, non-shaming sexual health education, protected immigrants from federal government overreach, and promoted police transparency and accountability by allowing the public access to internal investigation files.

Most people caged in Colorado jails are legally innocent, but they are incarcerated because they can’t afford to pay money bond.  In fact, 95% of jail population growth is due to a rise in unconvicted people.  That’s why this year, we are focusing on reducing our pretrial population and bringing our neighbors home.  We also remain committed to holding ICE accountable, ending the death penalty, and protecting reproductive rights for all.

Learn how to talk to your elected representatives about these issues and help us advance civil liberties in Colorado.


First Baptist Church of Denver

1373 Grant St.

Denver, CO 80203

8 am – 2 pm

March 23, Monday:

Notice of Rulemaking Public Hearing: Election Rules

The Secretary of State gives notice of proposed changes to rulemaking and public hearing.  The Secretary is considering amendments to election rules to improve the administration and enforcement of Colorado election law.  The Secretary proposes permanent adoption of temporary rules adopted on Feb 3, 2020.  The Secretary is considering rule revisions necessary to ensure the proper administration of elections and risk-limiting audits statewide, certify elections equipment, eliminate obsolete provisions, organize existing rules for clarity, simplify the language of existing rules, and ensure consistency with Department rulemaking standards.

The basis/purpose and draft proposed rules include:

•Establish minimum standards for the certification of electronic voting systems in the state.

• Clarify existing rules regarding signature verification.

• Ensure proper administration of mail ballot elections statewide.

• Ensure proper administration of mail ballot elections statewide.

• Implement and ensure proper administration of HB 19-1278 and mail ballot elections statewide.

• Ensure proper administration of mail ballot elections statewide, specifically in regards to the operation of voter service and polling centers.

• Further prescribing the manner of performing logic and accuracy testing. 1 Article VII of the Colorado Constitution, Title 1 of the Colorado Revised Statutes, and the Help America Vote Act.

Secretary of State’s Office

1700 Broadway, Aspen Conference Room, 3rd Floor


1:00 pm

March 29, Sunday:

Colorado Open Forum

The Grand Unified Theory of Music – with Chris Mohr (with a chance to hear what he is talking about)

Why is music the universal language? We can hear a magnificent Japanese poem and be completely uncomprehending if we don’t know Japanese, but we can hear Japanese music and be deeply moved by its expressive beauty. What is universal in music is the natural harmonics, which we can now hear in their original purity no matter which overtones are chosen in each individual culture. This is the one Grand Unified Theory that explains all of music at its most universal level.

Author Chris Mohr began work on 53-note-to-the-octave music in 1999 and created his musical mandala in 2004. He has since “mapped out” hundreds of ancient scales from all over the world in their original tunings, all fitting beautifully into a single Grand Unified Theory of Ancient Music. He has also mapped out over 100 chord progressions built off the seventh harmonic in 53-equal, expanding the vocabulary of traditional Western tonal music more than any other music theory advance in over a century.

Before this, he published a book of piano music, two successful musicals, the album August Light, and the music drama From the Realm of the Shadow (available on Naxos Records and possibly being made into a movie).  Chris has been a classical music radio announcer since 1978, and currently hosts A Classic Monday and Opera Box on KGNU, and hosts the summer classical music show on Aspen Public Radio every summer, “the official voice of the Aspen Music Festival and School.”

Koelbel Library (Arapahoe  Libraries) – Forum Room

5955 S. Holly St.

Centennial, CO 80121

located SW corner of S. Holly and Orchard Rd., enter off E. Orchard or S. Holly – convenient parking available.

12:30 pm

April 8, Wednesday:

Caregiving Symposium

Event provides education and support for family/informal caregivers of older adults.

The 2020 Caregiving Symposium, hosted by the Boulder County Area Agency on Aging and partner sponsors Boulder Medical Center and TRU Community Care, will be held on Wednesday, April 8, 2020 at the Boulder Jewish Community Center.

Boulder County residents who provide care for older relatives, partners, or friends are invited to this event. The symposium provides informal and family caregivers the opportunity to visit with service providers, enhance caregiving knowledge, receive support, and connect with each other.

The Caregiving Symposium will feature an introductory keynote address with Jane Barton, author of Caregiving for the Genius on Collaborative Care – A Life-Giving Approach to Caregiving.

The event will include more than 80 local service providers and expert workshop presentations on topics such as dementia care, legal and financial issues, self-care, hard conversations about care needs, addressing caregiver grief, and technology for caregivers. The event will also have facilitated support sessions, on-site massage therapists (available on a first come, first served appointment basis), and raffle prizes.

Participation is $5 with lunch included in the cost. Register online at or call 303-441-1685. Registration will close on March 27, or when the event is at capacity. Financial assistance for respite care (substitute older adult care) is available. Please call 303-441-1617 to learn more.

For more information, contact Juliette Kershner with Boulder County Area Agency on Aging at 303-678-6116 or

Boulder Jewish Community Center

6007 Oreg Ave.

Boulder, CO

8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.





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