TNR Brief: Response to Trump’s Latest Ban, Gray Wolf Protections Lifted


Anzac Bridge, Sydney, Australia (photo: The Nation Report)


Responding to a replacement entry ban to the US by President Donald Trump signed today, the Colorado Immigrant Rights Coalition (CIRC) released a statement in opposition.  Trump’s new ban which has already been challenged in court by groups that say it is equally as unconstitutional as a similar order signed on January 27, bans entry from six (the original order banned Iraqis) Muslim-majority countries, and bans all refugees.

The January 27 ban also indefinitely prevented entry from Syrians, but no longer is a provision in the current order.  The current order is intended to be in place for 180 days.  The original order remains blocked by higher courts.  The current ban has lifted bans against those with current visas.

The American Civil Liberties Union has declared a challenge to the ban as well, “When President Trump first introduced his unconstitutional Muslim ban, we took him to court and won. Today, he is introducing a new version of the ban. And we have every intention to beat him again.”

CIRC has rejected the new ban calling it a “do-over” and “Muslim Ban 2.0.”  The group asserts the ban as counterproductive to the work of those who work for humanity, liberty, and justice for all, “The immigrant rights community of Colorado stands with the refugee and Muslim community, those who are seeking protection, those who are here and desperately waiting to be reunited with their family members overseas, and the thousands of families who will be ensnared unjustly in this travel ban nightmare.”


A federal appeals court has removed protections from wolves in Wyoming raising fears in wildlife and environmental protections groups of indiscriminate slaughter of the animals.

In 2012 the US Fish and Wildlife Service removed Endangered Species Act (ESA protection) but was challenged in court by wildlife and protections groups.  Under the protection removal, killing of the animals were allowed indiscriminately regardless of time, place, or reason.

In 2014 a federal court restored the protections, but last week, the appeals court removed the protections again.

Jamie Rappaport Clark of the group Defenders responded, “We will NEVER give up the fight to protect and restore gray wolves.  In all my years as a wildlife biologist and as a conservation leader, I have never seen a more cruel and hard-hearted political environment for wildlife protection.”

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