Occupy Wall Street 2-Year Anniversary Marked by Occupy Denver


DENVER – It was on September 17th  in 2011 that  thousands gathered to march on Wall Street and then began spending the night in and around Zucotti Park.  Participants initially were protesting disparities in the economy, corporate political contributions, and big bank bailouts, but the issues spread to include other social issues.

In Denver, tents went up in front of the state capitol but then moved to Civic Center Park.   A kitchen was constructed named the “Thunderdome” to feed participants.  Cars lined up on Broadway Street in front of the Thunderdome to drop off donations of building materials, camping gear, and food in support of Occupiers.

Police raids of the encampment followed resulting in multiple injuries to protesters.   City officials eventually were only able to shut down the camping component of the movement.  Currently Occupy Denver meets regularly and in recent months has marched against illegal surveillance exposed by whistleblower Edward Snowden, and also against “big media. “


IMG_5865Two movements which were born out of Occupy Denver are the movement to end illegal foreclosures named Occupy Homes and the movement to boycott the Palm Restaurant in Denver.  Last Tuesday, these two focuses were raised at the two- year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street as it was recognized in Denver.


The Colorado Foreclosure Resistance Coalition joined with other social justice groups outside of the Castle Law Group office on 19th and Curtis Streets in downtown Denver.   They said that they were protesting the Castle Law Group for influencing foreclosure legislation from which the Group stood to profit. The Castle Law Group came to the attention of the public more than two years ago when questions were raised about the influence of AttorneyLawrence Castle on legislation to make foreclosures easier to accomplish.


Observers inside the building where the Castle Law Group operates cheered protesters during an action against the practices of the Group.


An employee of the Palm Restaurant gives a thumbs up to protesters outside of the establishment.

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