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The Nation Report will list upcoming bills for readers who may wish to attend a legislative hearing.  The bills listed will follow the mission of The Nation Report for social justice, equity, and the defending of animal, human, and civil rights.

January 23, Thursday:

HB20-1064:  Public Utilities Commission Study Of Community Choice Energy

Prime Sponsor:  Representative Edie Hooton

Concerning investigations by the public utilities commission to evaluate the implications of allowing community choice of wholesale electric supply in Colorado through the vehicle of community choice energy authorities.

Investor-owned Utility Review Interim Study Committee. The bill declares that the concept of “community choice energy” (CCE), under which a community may choose to purchase electricity at wholesale through a supplier other than the local investor-owned electric utility, has the potential to enable communities to meet their renewable energy goals and save money without disrupting the local utility’s current status as sole supplier of transmission, distribution, and customer service functions. To lay the groundwork for potential adoption of CCE in Colorado, the bill proposes 2 studies:

  • A feasibility study, conducted by an independent energy expert under the guidance of the public utilities commission (PUC), to examine the financial and technical requirements that would need to be met for CCE to be viable and beneficial; and
  • An investigatory proceeding at the PUC, inviting testimony and documentation from persons with firsthand knowledge of utility operations, CCE, or both, including regulators from other states in which CCE has been implemented. The goal of the investigation is to identify best practices and recommend legislative changes that would allow CCE to function well in Colorado if adopted.

The bill directs that reports of the results of the feasibility study and the investigatory docket be given to the legislative committees with jurisdiction over energy matters in late 2020.

Committee: House Energy & Environment

Upon Adjournment of House Floor
HCR 0112


HB20-1026:  Create Twenty-third Judicial District

Prime Sponsors:  Representative Kevin Van Winkle, Representative Michael Weissman, Senator Rhonda Fields, Senator Bob Gardner

Effective January 1, 2025, the bill:

  • Removes Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln counties from the eighteenth judicial district;
  • Creates a twenty-third judicial district composed of those counties;
  • Specifies the number of district court judges for that district; and
  • Reduces the number of district court judges for the eighteenth judicial district.

Effective July 1, 2025, the bill increases the number of judges in the twenty-third judicial district by one.

The bill specifies that at the election in November of 2024:

  • There will be an election for the district attorney for the eighteenth judicial district from the electors of Arapahoe county;
  • There will be an election for the district attorney for the twenty-third judicial district from the electors of the counties of Douglas, Elbert, and Lincoln; and
  • Any district court judge of the eighteenth judicial district who is eligible for retention may stand for retention election from the electors of the eighteenth judicial district.

The bill clarifies that a district judge of the current eighteenth judicial district who is not up for a retention election in 2024 continues to serve as a district court judge for the remainder of the judge’s current term, but the judge serves in the judicial district in which the judge resides.

For the “State Measurement for Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent (SMART) Government Act” hearings from 2021 through 2025, the bill directs the judicial department to consult with the counties of the eighteenth judicial district and report on its progress in making the system changes necessary to create the twenty-third judicial district, and for the SMART Act hearing in 2026, directs the judicial department to prepare a final report on how the creation of the new district went including recommendations to the general assembly on how future changes to a judicial district might be made.

Committee:  House Judiciary

HCR 0112

1:30 pm


HB20-1009:  Suppressing Court Records Of Eviction Proceedings

Prime sponsors:  Representative Dominique Jackson, Senator Faith Winter

The bill requires a court to suppress court records related to an eviction proceeding or an action for termination of a mobile home park tenancy so that the records are not publicly available. If an order granting the plaintiff possession of the premises is entered in the action, the court must lift the suppression order unless the parties agree that the records should remain suppressed.

The names of the parties included in a court record that is suppressed may be used by a court for administrative purposes, but the court shall not, for any reason, publish the names of the parties online.

A summons in an eviction proceeding must include a notice concerning suppression of court records related to the action.

Committee:  House Judiciary

HCR 0112

1:30 pm

January 24, Friday:

HB20-1122:  Homeless Youth Services Act And Grant Program

Prime Sponsors:  Representative Edie Hooton, Representative Colin Larson

The bill updates language in the “Colorado Homeless Youth Services Act” and establishes the services for youth experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness grant program (grant program) in the department of local affairs (department). The age requirement for such youth is increased to 24 years of age or younger from more than 11 years of age to less than 21 years of age. The department shall promulgate rules concerning the grant program, and the office of homeless youth services shall administer and monitor the grant program.

The grant program consists of up to 5 awards of up to $250,000 each awarded on or before January 1, 2021. Grant awards may only be awarded to existing providers of services to youth experiencing or at risk of experiencing homelessness, with priority given to those service providers that can expand services to underserved areas of the state, including street and community outreach, drop-in centers, emergency shelters, and supportive housing and transitional living programs.

The bill requires the department to prepare and submit a report to the appropriate committees of the general assembly on the outcomes of the grant program.

House Public Health Care & Human Services

HCR 0112
Upon Adjournment

January 27, Monday:

SB20-100:  Repeal The Death Penalty

Prime Sponsors:  Senator Julie Gonzales, Senator Jack Tate, Representative Jeni James Arndt, Representative Adrienne Benavidez

The bill repeals the death penalty in Colorado for offenses charged on or after July 1, 2020, and makes conforming amendments.

SCR 352

1:30 pm


February 3 Monday:


HB20-1084: Requirements For Dog And Cat Breeders And Sellers


The bill creates the “Humane Pet Act”, which:

  • Establishes standards for the care and treatment of dogs and cats by dog breeders and cat breeders;
  • Prohibits the sale of a dog or cat in a public place by any person; and
  • Prohibits the sale of dogs and cats by pet stores.

House Rural Affairs & Agriculture

Old State Library
1:30 pm
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